The New Faith are:

Alistair Scott - Bass

Jenna Wild - Piano/Keys

Sam Baldwin  - Guitar

Stephen Smith - Drums

Will Charlton – Vocals


 “The sublimely controlled baritone vocal holds the focus of attention… though to ignore the underpinning of the orchestration and supporting voices which gives the material its enrapturing invocations and melody would be foolhardy” - Emerging Indie

 “Will appeal to fans of avant-garde troubadours like Patrick Wolf and chamber-pop specialists including Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens…Music to our ears - Spectral

 The New Faith’s emotionally connected, magnetic songs stem from their upbringing in small towns on England’s South Coast.  

Echoing the heterogenous seas and wild coastlines at the backdrop of their formative years, the music is unpredictable, powerful, resilient and assuring, yet harbours vulnerable naturalistic beauty in its lyrics.

Frontman Will’s lacquered vocals are reminiscent of Morrissey’s emotional turmoil, Bowie’s delicate flamboyance and Brian Ferry’s sharp sartorial standards, conveying an array of innate emotion.

The New Faith’s songs speak to the overwhelmed adult and disconnected child within us all, navigating the purgatory between diminishing wonder and encroaching responsibility that so commonly takes a toll on mental health as the demands of maturity begin to take hold

With a distinctly British sound evoked by a yearning heart and the dizzy inertia of youth, The New Faith's uproarious soundtrack to growing up is the product of small town dreams, failure, control and loss. Balancing melodic genius with lyrical brilliance, their grandiose yet melancholic sound features gospel choirs and orchestral strings, laced with an addictive pop sensibility that is at once haunting, beautiful, uplifting and heartfelt.

Hailing from Brighton The New Faith is fronted by Will Charlton, whose sublimely controlled baritone croon sits a-top a wall of guitar and the orchestral arrangements of a six-piece backing-band whose music flits between tender and over-the-top.